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Louisiana: Backwoods and Natural Anomalies


Louisiana is strange enough as is, so it wasn’t to hard to discover the places I’m showing to you in this post. We (me + significant other + dog) traveled 30 minutes north of Baton Rouge to find the world’s largest living Bald Cypress tree and rumors of cliffs and waterfalls hidden in the woods.

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Paper & Printmaking Show Preview: Uncharted Territories


Sneak preview! Here are some snippets of an upcoming art exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana that I organized and am collaborating in for the SGC International Printmaking Conference. Uncharted Territories: A Printscape is a collaborative installation by a group of emerging artists in South Louisiana. The installation includes a conglomeration of large format printmaking, papermaking, fiber, video projection, sound and light.

Passing Notes: Papermaking Collaborative Installation


Get ready for some juicy photos of Passing Notes: A Handmade Paper Collaborative Installation at the Gya Gallery at Yeyo Arts Collective in St. Louis, MO. This was a project I was part of in March 2011 with Megan Singleton and Sarah Shearer ( fellow Louisiana State University printmaking and sculpture graduate students).

Morman Cricket

Saving the Sharp-Tailed Grouse with Christo and Jean-Claude’s Christmas Installation



Spalding’s catchfly? The Quaking Aspen? All foreign to someone from Connecticut/Louisiana. Never-the-less, these are endangered species residing in the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in Oregon.

Around a month ago, my dear sister called me up and asked: “Want to come and volunteer to tear down some fences?” “Sounds great!” I said. Oregon is beautiful, I thought to myself (it’s true, as above photograph proves).