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Studio Textures, Pulptypes, and a Noble & Wood Beater

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Happy 4th! Enjoy some detail shots of what’s going on my studio recently. Lots of small pulp painting/pulptype experiments and making friends with my new(ish) beater. Yep, I now have a little monster of a Noble & Wood Hollander Beater.

Paper Pulp Painting

Read my Artist Interview on an Online Journal

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I’m pleased to share with you my interview on Big Red & Shiny, a Boston based online journal and blog. Paulina Perlwitz, a friend and fantastic artist I met during my time at UConn, was the one to ask me a set of compelling questions.

Read my Artist Interview >


Sculptural Papermaking Workshop at AS220

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After a run of some popular basic hand papermaking classes at the AS220 Print Shop, a sculptural papermaking class seemed to make sense. Pulp painting is fantastic, but so is taking advantage of the artistic potential of paper to be three-dimensional. Working with paper pulp or freshly formed, wet sheets opens up a world of sculptural techniques that utilize how wet paper sheets dry and the remarkable memory that paper fibers have. Lindsey Beal and I had a great time showing a range of sculptural techniques in this debut class. Check out some photos from the workshop!

Molasses Flood Song by Jonathan Jay: A New Folk Song


My father, Jonathan Jay, is a musician who plays at several open mics around New England. He plays folk music and original songs. This video shows him at Point Breeze, located on Webster Lake in Webster, Massachussetts, playing “The Molassess Flood” at the open mic.

From Jonathan Jay himself:

“Molasses Flood is a new folk song describing a tragic, odd disaster which took place in Boston’s North End on January 15, 1919. A huge storage tank of molasses broke apart flooding and killing those in the way. Other sites on the web will give a good history. My song condenses the story. My father told me of the disaster. He was born in 1913 and so was big news even to a little boy of six. I wrote the song as sort of an assignment. At my regular open mic, conversation somehow got around to the molasses flood. Bill McCarthy, the host of the open mic said “Hey, you do that folkie thing, you should write a song about it.” Thus, a new folk song was born.

Click Here for the video.

Here’s the video link for just the Molasses Flood song.

You can see him perform every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm at Point Breeze. For more upcoming performances and open mics, click here.

And here’s a bonus video, “If I Needed You.”

The 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World: 2011 Edition


The 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World: 2011 Edition.

A half amusing/half brutal list for those aware of the art world. Hyperallergic has articles you won’t find in Art in America or other ‘mainstream’ art magazines. Below you will find their self-description.

“Hyperallergic is a forum for serious, playful and radical thinking about art in the world today.

Created by husband-and-husband team, Veken Gueyikian and Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic officially launched on October 14, 2009. It combines the best of art blog and magazine culture by focusing on publishing quality and engaging writing and images from informed and provocative perspectives.”