The Matter of Tides, a Paper Installation at Sprout Gallery

Exhibitions, News

For the month of August, I was invited to install a site-specific papermaking installation at Sprout Gallery. Sprout is a cool co-working space, located in Rising Sun Mills in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Matter of Tides is an immersive art installation of handmade paper, inspired by shoreline detritus and plant ecologies of the Narragansett Bay.

Fiber from non-native seaweed, reeds, and weeds were used to make elongated, book-like paper sculptures that transformed the space. 

Materials: bookbinding thread, handmade paper from Codium fragile, Japanese knotweed, Phragmites australis, kozo, abaca, and milkweed fibers

“The third stop on tour was at Sprout CoWorking Community gallery. The show is called Natural Wonders…The artist that really just stole the show for me was May Babcock. Ground breaking paper making sculptures. She is the founder of and I’m just enthralled. Art is about building a new foundation not just laying something on top of what already is there. Sprout gallery is that kind of space.”  

— Gallery Night celebrity guide, Marc Antony Barnabas Coderre

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