Papermaking Workshops at Snow Farm Craft Program


Finally, I’m sharing these photos! This past spring and fall, I had the pleasure of teaching a few papermaking workshops at Snow Farm Craft Program, at their beautiful New England campus located in Williamsburg, Massachusetts (I highly recommend taking a workshop there, if you can!).

First, I led a full 3-day basic papermaking class with a wonderful group of students. Topics covered included basic Western-style papermaking, pulp painting, and creative techniques such as embedding, inclusions, and working with stencils.

And more recently, I taught an intensive 3-day workshop covering papermaking from plants. The class worked hard with a range of garden plants and weeds, learning how to select plants and fibers, cook, beat, and low-tech pressing and drying methods. Just a few of the plants explored include milkweed, seaweed, daylily leaves, and squash vines.


2 thoughts on “Papermaking Workshops at Snow Farm Craft Program

  1. What a nice post! I am a paper maker, book artist, fabric artist and love hearing about the art of paper making being spread in places I had not heard of before. A critter! Lucky you. The crispness of day lilly paper is wonderful.

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