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Louisiana: Backwoods and Natural Anomalies


Louisiana is strange enough as is, so it wasn’t to hard to discover the places I’m showing to you in this post. We (me + significant other + dog) traveled 30 minutes north of Baton Rouge to find the world’s largest living Bald Cypress tree and rumors of cliffs and waterfalls hidden in the woods.


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This was at a dead end road that stopped at the river, near St. Francisville, Louisiana.

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It is a long drive on a dirt road, but a short 1/4 walk to the giant cypress tree. This is flooded parts of the year, all the way to those waterlines that you see on the tree.

What you can’t see in the first photo, and not really in this one either, is the tree’s immense girth.

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Drive a little further north, and you will find hiking trails near Tunica Hills with cliffs, creeks and waterfalls.

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The rock wall next to the waterfall. Juicy.

waterfall, moving water, clark creek

I recommend the above for 95 degree and 80% humidity days in Louisiana.

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This is little Boca, and he had a lovely time.


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