Uncharted Territories: A Printscape

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As promised, here are photos of the art installations shown in Uncharted Territories: A Printscape, which was part of this past SGC International Printmaking Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana. This exhibition features emerging artists in South Louisiana, working in printmaking, handmade paper art, fiber art, video, sculpture and more. Enjoy!

P.S. As you scroll down, click on the artist names to see more work by each artist.

rebecca kreisler

A geometric paper orb sculpture by Rebecca Kreisler. These are made of paper printed with relief prints and digital imagery.

paper sculpture orbs art printed

Some of this orbs were interspersed in handmade paper nets. This nets were made of recycled book pages and other papers that were twisted into ropes.

handmade paper art installation artists

See this previous post to see more photos of this collaborative handmade paper and video installation. Channels was created by me (May Babcock), Sarah Hayman, Jessie Hornbrook and Megan Singleton.

orange barrel industries

This first photo is a detail of the print and fiber installation by Orange Barrel Industries, a.k.a. the dynamic duo Hannah March Sanders and Blake Sanders.

printmaking installation

Blake made dinosaurs, which are screen-prints on painted wood…


….and are in an epic tug-o-war with Hannah’s hyrda monster (painted/carved wood with fabric tubes).

hannah march sanders blake sanders

The crab is hanging in there.

crab woodcut fiber art

A richly colored and textured crochet rug, a Footprint by Hannah.

crochet rug

A large-format, 5 foot tall intaglio print with photo-lithography and cut-paper by Jessie Hornbrook. Great printmaking! Jessie also makes print-based video, so check out her website to see more.

jessie hornbrook artist printmaking large intaglio

Self Portraits by Katrina Andry. These are black and white hand printed stone lithographs. Katrina also makes amazing woodcuts printed with digital imagery.

katrina andry lithographs art artist

Talk about haptic visuality! The surface texture on these 2ft x 8ft pulp paintings is mesmerizing. Megan Singleton works with handmade paper made from local invasive plants, such as water hyacinth and alligator weed.

megan singleton papermaking paper art plant

These monumental pulp paintings are based on maps of waterways and bayous that Megan has visited, collecting invasive plants.

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