Channels: A Collaborative Paper and Video Art Installation

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Channels: by May Babcock, Sarah Hayman, Jessie Hornbrook and Megan Singleton. This past March, I was part of a collaborative handmade paper and video art installation, Channels, which coincided with the SGC International Printmaking 2012 Conference in New Orleans. Channels is part of the art exhibition, Uncharted Territories: A Printscape, which featured emerging artists from South Louisiana working in printmaking based mediums. More photos of the whole show HERE.

Keep scrolling down for photographs; since this work is meant to be walked through, it is a challenge to give you the full experience. Channels is also changeable; every time it is shown in difference spaces, the structure, experience, and created space varies.

This is similar to Passing Notes, a papermaking and printmaking installation first shown in St. Louis, and a collaboration between Sarah Hayman, May Babcock and Megan Singleton.

channels collaborative paper printmaking installationA little description about this art installation: In the past, the Mississippi River has changed and moved, altering its course on its path to emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. These changing channels and Louisiana’s geomorphology are the inspiration for this installation of handmade paper, in not only how it shapes the gallery space and the viewer’s experience of it, but in the imagery and paper pulp used.

may babcock

Video of moving water and text is projected onto the paper and into the gallery space. The strands guide and push participants through the gallery in a way that forces them to experience the installation as an extrasensory environment. Paper surrounds them and sways and changes with the video projection.

handmade paper artIncorporated into selected sheets is imagery of seed-pods, fossil structures and local landscapes of forgotten industrial sites, such as the Plaquemine, Louisiana lock that connects a bayou to the Mississippi river.

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