Papermaking Hand Paper Art Bagasse May Babcock

Paper & Printmaking Show Preview: Uncharted Territories


Sneak preview! Here are some snippets of an upcoming art exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana that I organized and am collaborating in for the SGC International Printmaking Conference. Uncharted Territories: A Printscape is a collaborative installation by a group of emerging artists in South Louisiana. The installation includes a conglomeration of large format printmaking, papermaking, fiber, video projection, sound and light.

These photos are of some handmade paper sheets, made from cotton and bagasse (sugar cane fiber) embedded in the pulp. When held up to light, watermarks are visible down the center of each.

Click here for the show’s website for more information, and specifics on the participating artists and the show’s concept and contents.

My website with more photos of my work is

Watermark Papermaking Hand Paper Art Bagasse May Babcock

Detail of watermarked paper sheet. Light is a big player!

String Handmade Paper


Handmade Paper Art Papermaking Bagasse Cotton Sheets

Ream of sheets…55 in this set. In the middle of connecting them.


3 thoughts on “Paper & Printmaking Show Preview: Uncharted Territories

  1. beautiful! I am sorry I will miss your show. If I had thought about it, I should’ve offered to trade paper with you yesterday.

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