The Latent Landscape

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It is about time that I share a few photographs of my Master’s of Fine Arts thesis show, The Latent Landscape, which took place in April 2011 at the Glassell Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Complete photos of the art exhibition can be seen at A relevant artist statement is available here.

Literally: large format woodcuts, monoprints, silkscreen and pulp painting on handmade paper, two paper cast installations of the side of a levee, video and some book objects. Materials: bagasse paper,  river mud paper, linen and cotton paper, woodcut, silkscreen and monoprint printmaking and string.

Stream of consciousness words to describe this: mud, constructions, fading, Louisiana, Mississippi, paper, texture, leftover industrial structures, brown, water, river, bagasse, book layers, light and space, surrounding, cave-like, transposing, brought to you, everything from a site, drawing, observing, land, man made, hand made, economy, reuse, relook.

large format wood cut printmaking

hand paper art

may babcock pulp painting art paper woodcut papermaking printmaking

woodcut paper art landscape large louisiana

book papermaking paper art installation


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