Art in Paper Triennal

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May Babcock, Cinclaire Study 4


My print/hand paper art was accepted into the, here it goes, 5th National Collegiate Handmade Paper Art Triennial. This exhibition is juried by Jane Milosch, and sponsored by the Brodsky Center at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and the Corcoran Center of Art + Design.

Cinclaire Study 4 was part of a series of work shown at The Latent Landscape, my MFA Thesis exhibition in April, 2011. More from that show can be seen at my website, It is a charcoal paper cast woodcut with charcoal drawing, string and pulp painting. Don’t ask, because my process was most likely even more complicated than summarized. Maybe that’s a future blog post. Maybe.

I did work from observational sketches of the out-of-use Cinclaire Sugar Plantation, across the river from here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Interested in my artist statement? Click here.

Molasses Flood Song by Jonathan Jay: A New Folk Song


My father, Jonathan Jay, is a musician who plays at several open mics around New England. He plays folk music and original songs. This video shows him at Point Breeze, located on Webster Lake in Webster, Massachussetts, playing “The Molassess Flood” at the open mic.

From Jonathan Jay himself:

“Molasses Flood is a new folk song describing a tragic, odd disaster which took place in Boston’s North End on January 15, 1919. A huge storage tank of molasses broke apart flooding and killing those in the way. Other sites on the web will give a good history. My song condenses the story. My father told me of the disaster. He was born in 1913 and so was big news even to a little boy of six. I wrote the song as sort of an assignment. At my regular open mic, conversation somehow got around to the molasses flood. Bill McCarthy, the host of the open mic said “Hey, you do that folkie thing, you should write a song about it.” Thus, a new folk song was born.

Click Here for the video.

Here’s the video link for just the Molasses Flood song.

You can see him perform every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm at Point Breeze. For more upcoming performances and open mics, click here.

And here’s a bonus video, “If I Needed You.”