Uncharted Territories: A Printscape



Other than working at my real job and attempting to run this blog, another recent activity has been organizing an art exhibition for the upcoming SGC International Printmaking Conference, Navigating Currents. This year, it will be in New Orleans, Louisiana, and only a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Baton Rouge.

I recently graduated from the MFA Printmaking program at Louisiana State University, and came away with a fantastic group of fellow artists, printmakers and friends. Having a show together just seemed to make a lot of sense. We have worked together in the printmaking and paper studios and in other collaborations and shows. *Keep an eye out for the blog post on Passing Notes: A Collaborative Papermaking Installation, which was shown in St. Louis for the 2011 SGCI Conference.

Together we came up with an exhibition proposal for a collaborative large-format printmaking, papermaking, video, fiber and sculpture installation. The leading concepts are the changing currents of printmaking landscape, the revitalization of New Orleans and our personal journeys as emerging artists. Uncharted Territories: A Printscape was accepted into the slew of conference events and exhibitions. The exhibition site was originally meant to be at the Old Roberts supermarket on St. Claude Avenue, but plans changed and it became unavailable.

Fortunately, we found The Gallery Spaces at The Healing Center, also located on St. Claude Ave. The St. Claude Arts District is a growing area of artist-run galleries, cooperative spaces and alternative venues that serves as an alternative to more classic gallery structures found in the Arts/Warehouse District. The Healing Center itself has very recently been renovated and is now the location of a food co-op, cafe, theatre and much more.

Keep a look out for updates on this project.


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